Straddling the Asian and European continents, Turkey is a country that can be called a "bridge between Asia and Europe”. Throughout its long history, people and goods from Asia and Europe have come and gone, and its unique culture has been formed. Turkish cuisine, along with French and Chinese cuisine, is known as one of the "three great cuisines of the world.”


トルコが世界一のクオリティと生産量を誇るヘーゼルナッツ。現在は欧州をはじめ90カ国以上の国々に輸出されています。日本では、一般に販売されているヘーゼルナッツのなんと95%がトルコ産です。 Turkey boasts the highest quality and production of hazelnuts in the world. Currently, they are exported to more than 90 countries including Europe. In Japan, a whopping 95% of the hazelnuts sold to the public are from Turkey.

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週末はたくさんの種類の朝ごはんを用意して、家族でゆっくり食事を楽しむトルコ人ですが、平日の朝は街角の移動式ス タンドで売られているシミットやボレキといったパンを買って、白チーズとチャイと一緒に食べるのが一般的です。 On weekends, Turks prepare many kinds of breakfast and enjoy a leisurely meal with their families. On weekday mornings, they usually buy bread such as simit and börek sold at mobile stands on street corners and eat it with white cheese and chai.

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Although 96% of the country is on the Asian continent, Turkey is in the process of becoming a full member of the European Union. The largest city, Istanbul, straddles two continents across the Bosphorus Strait.

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At its peak in the 17th century, the Ottoman Empire boasted a vast territory stretching from the southern Arabian Peninsula to Central Europe in the north and south, and from the Persian Gulf to northwestern Africa in the east and west. One of the reasons for the development of Turkish cuisine was that the sultan's meals were prepared with ingredients and cooking methods from various regions within the empire.  

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アルファベットの使用 Use of the alphabet



When the current republic was founded in 1923, Turkey aimed to become a modern nation through westernization. Although 99% of the population is Muslim, individual freedom is protected in terms of drinking, eating, and dress, and the alphabet, rather than the Arabic alphabet, is used in daily life.

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シミット Simit



A round bread with lots of sesame seeds that has been eaten in Turkey for centuries. It is eaten not only for breakfast but also throughout the day.

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チーズ Peynir


Turks often eat salty white cheeses and Halloumi cheese, which has the elasticity like mozzarella.

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メネメン Menemen



Turkish scrambled eggs with lots of vegetables. It is an indispensable part of Turkish breakfast.

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スジュク Sucuk



A sausage made of lamb or beef seasoned with spices and stuffed in the intestines. Since Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country, pork is not eaten.

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ペクメズ Pekmez



A syrup made by boiling down grapes that is traditionally eaten in Turkey. It is often mixed with tahini, a sesame paste, and eaten with bread.

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チャイ Çay



Turkey is the world's largest consumer of tea. People drink several cups of chai a day in small, tulip-shaped glasses. Turkish chai is usually drunk straight, without spices or milk.

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アイラン Ayran



The national drink of Turkey. It is a salty yogurt drink that is served at home as well as in fast food and restaurants. The word “yogurt” is not Bulgarian, but Turkish.

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バクラヴァ Baklava



A dessert made by sandwiching nuts and other ingredients between thin pastry-like phyllo, baking them, and pouring syrup over them. It is widely popular in Arab countries outside Turkey as well.

トルココーヒー Türk Kahvesi


The Turkish way of drinking coffee is to boil the ground coffee beans with sugar and then drink the supernatant without straining. By boiling, its flavor becomes strong. Turkish coffee is said to be the origin of espresso.

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