Finland is a country of forests and lakes. One-third of its land area is in the Arctic Circle, which means that in summer it is bright and midnight sun until late, while in winter it remains dark for most of the day. Finns know how to enjoy the short summer as much as possible and how to spend the long winter comfortably.


In Finland, there are many kinds of berries that can be picked. Freshly picked berries are incorporated into breakfast, sometimes on top of yogurt or in oatmeal porridge.


Finns love saunas so much that it is said that there is almost one in every household. The Finnish way of enjoying a sauna is to warm up slowly at 70-80℃ and then jump into the lake to cool down and enjoy in the open air.

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スオミ Suomi



Finland is one of the Scandinavian countries, but it is not part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. With 188,000 lakes in the country, Finns call their country “Suomi” (which means a Country of Lake) and love to live by the water.

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ヒンメリ Himmeli



Himmeli is a traditional Finnish ornament made by threading straw to form a polyhedron and finally joining them together for hanging. It has a history of nearly 1000 years and was originally a decoration for Joule, an old winter festival in northern Europe.

保存食 Preserved Food

From salted and smoked salmon to pickles, fruit juices and jams, it is customary in Finland to process fish, meat, vegetables and fruits to preserve them for the long, hard winter.

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カルヤランピーラッカ Karjalanpiirakka

Since it is cold in Finland and wheat does not grow well, rye, which is resistant to the cold, is produced. Karjalanpiirakka is a traditional dish from the Karelia region in eastern Finland, and is now a national dish in Finland, eaten as a snack or breakfast.

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キノコ Sieni


フィンランドはたくさんの種類のキノコが採れます。シーズンの5月初旬〜11月末に、人々は森に出かけてキノコ狩りを楽しみます。ミネラルやたんぱく質、食物繊維など栄養が豊富に含まれるキノコは、まさにフィンランドの森の恵みです。 There are many kinds of mushrooms in Finland. During the season from May to November, people go out into the forest to pick mushrooms. Rich in nutrients such as minerals, protein and fiber, mushrooms are truly a blessing of the Finnish forest.

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グロッギ Glögi



Groggi is drunk in Finland during the Christmas season.It is made of blackcurrant or grape juice with spices and nuts such as cinnamon and cloves. Wine groggi based on red wine is also available.

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ヘルネケイット Hernekeitto



Hernekeitto is pea soup. In Scandinavia, there is an old custom of eating pea soup on Thursdays. During the Catholic era, Friday was considered a day of fasting, so people began to eat nutritious bean soup on Thursday, the day before.

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ムナボイ Munavoi


ムナボイはゆで卵とバターをシンプルに混ぜる料理です。卵とバターの割合はお好みで、バターは有塩バターを使えば味付けは不要。卵の潰し方も自分好みに仕上げます。そうして作ったムナボイをカルヤランピーラッカに乗せて食べます。 Munavoi is a simple mixture of boiled eggs and butter. The ratio of eggs to butter is up to you, and if you use salted butter, no seasoning is needed. Munavoi is served on top of Karjalanpiirakka.

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ロソッリ Rosolli



In Finland, salads are often eaten for breakfast. Usually it's tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce, but during Christmas time they have a special salad called rosolli, which is boiled beets and potatoes with sour cream.

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ベリージュース Marjamehu



In Finland, where there is a wide variety of berries, juice made from berries is consumed on a daily basis. Bilberry is a popular wild berry, smaller than blueberry and with red flesh. Sea buckthorn is highly nutritious and has been gaining attention as a "miracle fruit" in recent years.

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ラスキアイスプッラ Laskiaispulla



This sweet bread is an essential part of the Christian festival of Laskiainen, which falls on the Tuesday forty days before Easter. In Sweden, it is usually filled with marzipan, while the jam-filled version is said to have originated in Finland.


Johanna Nousiainen



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