WORLD BREAKFAST ALLDAY presents unique cuisine from all corners of the globe. The national breakfasts of the world are rich in history, yet many are now fading away as people opt to start their day with generic meals.  We offer you a chance to indulge in traditional morning meals that are filled with both delicious and intriguing subtleties and can sweep you up and away on an international voyage. 

What is breakfast?

When you think of a Japanese breakfast, white rice miso soup, natto and seaweed, grilled fish and egg are pretty much standard items.With easily accessible ingredients, well-balanced, and hard to get tired of, for Japanese it is a breakfast menu of everything you need. For lunch and dinner, we tend to eat different dishes every day, but for breakfast we have a habit of eating similar things every morning. Every country in the world has something that can be called that country’s breakfast menu.

Japanese breakfast

Japan is surrounded by the sea on all sides. Due to this, many of the ingredients for breakfast also come from the sea. Ingredients such as seaweed, bonito, kelp used for soup stock. Also, in Japan we did not eat meat much, so we supplement our need for protein from soy products such as miso and natto.In addition, white rice which is a staple of the Japanese diet and can be seen on the dining table at every meal, has been eaten by Japanese for 2000 years.

Breakfast around the world

The menu of World Breakfast All Day consists of traditional food cultures from various parts of the world. The traditional breakfast is gradually disappearing globally, but we can still gain many hints on how to enjoy life more from history, culture and nutrition. By eating breakfast at World Breakfast All Day, we hope you will able to briefly touch the cultures of the world.

To create our breakfast menus, we cooperate with government agencies such as embassies and government tourism bureaus, airlines, as well as nationals living in Tokyo. Being able to be taught about the breakfast from the local people is a wonderful experience. I would like to show customers the wonderful culture of each country through sampling the breakfast of that country.

Special menu


WORLD BREAKFAST ALLDAY changes the menu to a different country every 2 months to be able to introduce breakfasts from all over the world. In June and July 2020, we will be introducing Georgian breakfast (from August 3rd to October 4th). 

Regular menu


As well as the country's breakfast we are introducing, which changes every two months, we prepare breakfasts from around the world as part of our regular menu.





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Contents of Recruitment

  • Job Category:All aspects of cooking, halls, and other work around the store

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  • Salary: Hourly 1,000 JPY to 1,500 JPY

  • Work Location:WORLD BREAKFAST ALLDAY(Shibuya Jingumae) 

  • Work day:From 1 day or more days a week(negotiable)

  • Transport:Pay up to 750 JPY a day 

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