An inland country in Central Europe, also known as the "center of Europe", neighboring countries such as Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. The Czech Republic is an industrialized country with a thriving automobile industry etc. The capital city Prague (population of about 1.3 million) is the fourth largest tourist city in Europe after London, Paris and Rom and it has a beautiful medieval cityscape. Though it was a nation called Czechoslovakia from 1918 to 1992, in 1993 it separated peacefully from Slovakia and became independent.




The entire city of Prague is registered as a World Heritage Site. The magnificent Vltava River flows through the center of the beautiful medieval cityscape, and the Charles Bridge (built in 1402) is visited by many in search of its spectacular sight.




Beer halls called hospoda are indispensable oasis in towns in Czech. Czech beer is very reasonable. A 300ml beer offered at the restaurant costs about JPY100.


Meat and Grain-Oriented Cuisine

肉・穀物中心の食文化 内陸に位置していることから、チェコでは肉料理が中心。こってりとしたボリュームのある料理が多いのが特徴です。古くから小麦の生産が盛んで、クネドリーキと呼ばれる茹でた円筒状のパンが主食のひとつとして、肉料理の付け合わせや様々な調理法で親しまれています。

Since it is located inland, meat dishes are often eaten in the Czech Republic. There are many dishes with a rich volume. Also wheat production has been active for a long time. A cylindrical shaped boiled bread called knedlíky is one of the staple foods, and it is popular to be eaten with meat dishes and in various cooking methods.


Baked sweets at breakfast



People in Czech often eat baked sweets in the morning such as sweet bread that mothers baked on weekends. In addition to bábovka, there are various sweet breads such as kolache (round bread with poppy seed paste and quark cheese) and kobliha (doughnut with jam and chocolate).


Common with the neighboring countries



The cuisine of the Czech Republic has similar characteristics with that of Germany, Austlia and Hungary. A sour cabbage called zelí is popular to be eaten with meat dishes. A stew dish called guláš which has an origin in Hungary is also essential dish in Czech.




Chlebíček is an open sandwich with ham, salad and eggs etc. on sliced bread. Supermarkets and bakeries sell a wide variety of chlebíček. Chlebíček is often eaten as a light meal and is indispensable for celebrations and New Year's Eve.



One of the typical baked sweets in Czech is bábovka which is a sponge cake with a beautiful appearance that baked in a Gugelhupf mold. A kind of bábovka mixed with cocoa is popular as the cocoa appears in a marble shape when it is cut. Bábovka is generally baked and eaten at home, not in restaurants.

クネドリーキは世界的にも珍しい“茹でパン”。チェコの多彩な肉料理の付け合わせとして、肉汁やソースをたっぷり付けて食べます。よく食べられているのは、パンを練り込んだホウスコヴェー・クネドリーキ(houskové knedlíky)とジャガイモを練り込んだブランボロヴェー・クネドリーキ(bramborové knedlíky)があります。


Knedlíky is a "boiled bread" that is rare in the world. As a side dish of various meat dishes, it is eaten with plenty of gravy and sauce. Commonly eaten are the two kinds: houskové knedlíky with bread and bramborové knedlíky with potatoes.



Simply battered dishes such as pork cutlets and fried mushrooms are very popular in the Czech Republic. Deep-fried cheese is especially popular. There is no doubt that it is the best companion to beer.



There are various kinds of spread for bread, and those are called pomazanka. It is Czech style to spread various kinds of Pomazanka on bread, such as oil sardine putty and cream cheese with garlic.



Bramboračka is one of the typical Czech home-cooked dishes. It is a soup with plenty of vegetables such as potatoes, onions, and carrots. Also porcini, garlic, and marjoram are necessary as the seasoning. The fragrant and rich taste is exactly the taste of mother's home cooking in Czech.



Knedlíky can be eaten as a single dish as well as a side dish. Ovocné knedlíky is a type which wraps fruits such as strawberries and apricots and is boiled (ovocné means fruit). It may sound like a dessert, but Czechs eat ovocné knedlíky as their main meal.



The per capita beer consumption in the Czech Republic is the highest in the world (as of 2018 / by Kirin Brewery survey). It says Czech has been keeping that position for 26 years. The Pilsner-type beer, which makes up the majority of the world's beer, originates from the beer produced in the city of Prusénu. Especially, Pilsner Urquell is an immovable and popular brand produced in the city. The name means "original pilsner".






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