Kingdom of Belgium


Though the land is as small as Japan’s Kyushu, Belgium is called the "center of Europe" as it is surrounded by France, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom across the Straits of Dover. Brussels, the capital city, is also the capital of the EU and houses the headquarters of NATO.


Grand-Place is in the center of Brussels' old town. Literary giant Victor Hugo hailed this square with the medieval European Gothic and Baroque architecture as "the most beautiful square in the world".



In Belgium, there are more than 2,000 chocolate shops. The chocolates in Bruges, the northwestern town which retains its medieval atmosphere, are particularly famous. Praline is the most popular kind of chocolate in Belgium.

ゲルマン文化とラテン文化の潮目 The border of Germanic and Latin culture




The Germanic people from northwest to central Europe and the Latin people from south Europe are the two major ethnic groups in Europe. Though the two groups have been in conflict over a long history, their cultures have merged at the geographical border, Belgium. The fusion of the two cultures can be seen in language, as well as in the variety of Belgian food.


The influence of Germanic culture


オランダと隣接する北部のフランダース地方はオランダ語圏。ベルギーの食文化はオランダと共通した特徴を持っています。 フリッツに代表されるようにジャガイモがパンと並んで主食とされ、ビールの醸造が盛んなのもゲルマン文化の影響といえます。

Flanders in the north, which is adjacent to the Netherlands, is a Dutch-speaking area. Belgian food culture shares some characteristics with the Netherlands. Like the frites, potatoes are a staple food along with bread, and also beer brewing is an influence of the Germanic culture.


The influence of Latin culture




The Wallonia region, which occupies the southern half of Belgium, is a French-speaking area. As in northern France, in Belgium butter and cream are used a lot in cooking, and tartine (a slice of bread with spreads, ham and cheese etc.) is a common breakfast style.



Tartine au Fromage Blanc




Sliced bread with butter and topped with a fromage blanc paste and plenty of radishes. This is a typical Belgian-style tartine, different from a French-style which is often eaten with sweets such as jam.

バター Butter




Belgium is a country where dairy farming is thriving. Dairy products are an integral part of the diet, and butter is one of them. WBA uses Belgian organic fermented butter "Pur Natur" for this Belgian breakfast.



Belgian yogurt 生乳本来の甘みとなめらかな食感が特徴のベルギーヨーグルト。コンフィチュールとの組み合わせが抜群です。WBAでは今回、ベルギーの伝統製法を受け継いだ「ピュアナチュール」を使用しています。


Belgian yogurt is characterized by a rich and smooth texture. The combination with confiture is outstanding. Like the butter, WBA adopted "Pur Natur" yogurt made by traditional Belgian method.

ミートボール入りトマトスープ Tomato soup with meat balls




One of the classic soups in Belgium. Contains small meatballs, and is often served with finely chopped Vermicelli pasta.

チョコレート Chocolate




Belgium is a chocolate country with many top chocolate brands. The annual chocolate consumption (in Flanders area) is 6 kg per person, which shows how much Belgians like chocolate.

フリッツ Frites




Frites is the national food of Belgium. Even though they are also known as French fries, the origin is Belgium. Belgian frites have a typical style using Bintje potatoes with particular cutting method and thickness, and frying twice.

クラミック Cramique




Bread that is commonly eaten in Belgium and northern France. It is baked in a pound mold with a mixture of raisins and brioche dough. It is usually eaten with butter after being toasted.

ハムとチーズ Ham and cheese




Ham and cheese are also essential ingredients in a Belgian meal. A wide variety of hams and cheeses produced not only in Belgium but also in neighboring countries such as the Netherlands and France, are on the table regardless of breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

コンフィチュール Confiture




The origin of the word confiture is “confit” (meaning soaked in sugar, vinegar or oil) in French. Made by combining candied fruit and boiled juice, confiture can be added to meat dishes and cheese, as well as bread and yogurt.

ベルギーワッフル Belgian Waffles




Belgian waffles come in two flavors, Brussels and Liège. The rectangular shape of the Brussels waffle has a mild dough, and is eaten with sweet toppings such as whipped cream and chocolate sauce. On the other hand, the round-shaped Liège waffle has sufficient sweetness in the dough itself, so you can eat it as it is.

スペキュロス Speculaas




Speculaas is a traditional Belgian cookie containing spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Originally it was customary to eat them on St. Nicholas Day on December 6th, but now they’re eaten all year round and always accompanied when drinking coffee or tea.

ビール Beer




Belgium is also a country of beer with more than 1,000 brands. Belgian beer has a long history and is said to have begun when medieval monks and nuns brewed it instead of unsanitary drinking water.








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